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Moving Cine to Spain…

We will be shipping almost all our movie stuff to Spain next month. Receiever, speakers, Blu-ray players, projector etc. But how to move 400+ Blu-ray movies and tv series? Those movie cases (full of air) alone fill at least two moving boxes. There is no way I will pay to courier company for shipping that amount of plastic and air to other country!

Well this is how I solved the problem: Five CD carry cases! Each case takes 120 discs and one case costs under 10 euros. It is a shame I cannot admire those plastic boxes in shelf any more but at least I don’t feel like an idiot shipping useless plastic around the world…



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Outdoor Cinemas in Finland & Estonia

Our home country’s capital city Helsinki has only one outdoor cinema: Cinema Mondo’s Kino Engel (facebook) and it’s Summer Kino (KesäKino).

It has been a long time since I visited this small theater, but next summer I will be reviewing it in more detail.

I will also try to find time to visit our neighbour, Estonia’s two outdoor cinemas: Rannakino and Katusekino.

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