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Outdoor Movies in Chiang Dao

Our friend sent us this photo from Chiang Dao, Thailand. He said there is a real outdoor cinema with beer and live music too. We will report more about this later.

Update 6/2016: We went to Chiang Dao but as it was rainy season we found no outdoor movies there. So this cinema remains mystery to us. The photo looked like a lot of fun though. Maybe next time 🙂


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Donated screen for children’s movies


Before leaving Thailand we donated our smaller backyard screen (170 cm wide tripod model) to a Magical Light Foundation. They need it for showing movies for children in Chiang Mai. Their previous screen was not so fancy. Here is a picture of foundation’s Facebook page:


Foundation also runs a small cafe (Magical Garden Cafe) near Chiang Mai airport. That’s where we met the foundation’s wonderful personnel.


We hope this small donation helps to make better movie experiences possible for many kids. Thank you and good luck Magic Light Foundation! And thanks to Leslie too for giving us an idea of this donation!

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Leaving Thailand…

News from Thailand: Yesterday I sold our popcorn machine and today I sold our backyard screen. This does not mean we are quitting outdoor movie hobby. We are just going back to Finland and we don’t know when we might be coming back to Thailand. I feel a bit sad to let go of all these items. But then again, we need every penny to start something new in… Spain maybe? Maybe even public screenings? Who knows. Stay tuned 🙂

Thank you Thailand! Thank you Chiang Mai! You were very good to us! Below is last picture from our backyard. We had a small May 1st party (Vappu) and private children’s movie screening yesterday.


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Beach Cinema in Koh Phangan closed


Some time ago I went to Charm Beach Resort in Koh Phangan and asked about their “Beach Cinema” event. They told me that they only had this event about 4 or 5 times before they had to bury the whole idea. They said that event was missing a “financial benefit”.

This makes me think what could have been done differently to make the event last…

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Last backyard screening in 2013

We just had our last movie screening in our backyard this year in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We made some snacks for our quests and of course used our brand new popcorn machine! The movie we watched was one of my all time favorites – Office Space.

Great movie, great food, great beer & wine, great company… What else could you ask for? Thanks again everybody!





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The Porch (Pattaya, Thailand)

The Porch is one of the Pattaya’s many movie theaters. Porch stands for “Pattaya’s Outdoor Relaxing Cinema House”. This cinema advertises itself as being “The First Outdoor Cinema in the World”. That is quite a heavy statement considering that the theatre is not even located outdoors… Continue reading The Porch (Pattaya, Thailand)

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Ordering the frame

I went to local steel workshop to discuss details of the frame and its feet. Well, it wasn’t really a discussion because people there don’t speak English and I don’t speak Thai. But somehow we managed to come to understanding what we are doing. Body language and drawing are quite universal ways to communicate 🙂

This is how the blueprint looks like:


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Our first backyard screen

To enjoy a outdoor movie or gaming, you don’t necessarily need a custom made screen or other top end home theater gadgets. You can also use normal data projector and a tripod projection screen.

In this example (photos below) we used 170 cm wide tripod screen that equals about 76″ picture in 16:9 mode. The projector was BenQ MW516 with resolution of 1280 x 800. Sound was delivered through Nokia Play 360° speaker that was more than capable of delivering enough sound to our backyard.

We played some Super Mario Bros U with our daughter and after she went to sleep, we jumped to hammocks and watched a movie 🙂


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