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Transsegre Catalonia, anybody?

We are looking for people in Spain that have connections to annual Transsegre river happening and its organization. In Finland there is a same kind of tradition called Beerfloating (Kaljakellunta in Finnish). Our goal is to participate in a project that includes documenting both of these outdoor happenings in 2015. So please, if you have any connections to Transsegre, please contact us:

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Espoo Ciné: Antti Näyhä Interviewed


I interviewed Espoo Ciné technological cordinator Antti Näyhä in August 2013. I asked him some questions regarding Espoo Ciné outdoor movies. Here is the whole discussion in written form. Translation from Finnish to English is done by me so all the misspelling and bad english is to be blamed on me, not Antti 🙂 Continue reading Espoo Ciné: Antti Näyhä Interviewed

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