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KinoKivinokka 2017 (August 19th)

KinoKivinokka 2016 was bit of a dissapointment for us because the beach was too full of people and we could not even find a decent place to sit. So it will be very interesting to see how everything goes this year. Maybe I will come with my own rubber boat (from Kaljakellunta 2017)… 🙂

More about 2017 happening in Facebook: KinoKivinokka 2017 -elokuvia uimarannalla

See also our post about the first (2013) KinoKivinokka happening and an interview of the people behind that event.

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Helsinki Festival 2016: Stadin Stage


This year Helsinki Festival is not offering Outdoor movies. Instead, they have very different art & entertainment shows through outdoor screen: Live music show, YouTube videos and ballet. All this for free. Now this is interesting!

Mark to calendar: 1st September, 2nd September and 3rd September 2016.

More information in Finnish:


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KinoKivinokka comes again


KinoKivinokka is an outdoor movie screening in Helsinki, Finland. This year it will be arranged Saturday, August 20 at 2 PM – 11:59 PM. More information:

When KinoKivinokka was arranged first time (2013), we wrote about it and interviewed people behind it:

KinoKivinokka: Beach, Picnic, Movie!

KinoKivinokka – interview

UPDATE: We went to see KinoKivinokka 2016, but there were way too many people! Too small beach for this big audience! Not good. Too bad as everything else was great. Nice evening and warm weather. Maybe next year we can take our own floating seats like these people did:


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Linnanmäki Outdoor Cinema

Yesterday I went to Linnanmäki (amusement park in Helsinki, Finland). They had a free outdoor movie and of course I wanted to see how it was. I had big hopes for this one after seeing KinoKivinokka (Finland), Kino Engel Kesäkino (Finland), Helsinki Festival Movie Picnic (Finland), Espoo Ciné (Finland), Katusekino (Estonia) and Sala Montjuïc (Catalonia, Spain).


Area for this movie happening was great.



…But unfortunately Linnanmäki had set up a LED billboard for a screen. And this kind of screens are not made for movie watching! Led screens like this have really terrible pixel density. So the image looked like, you know… 8 bit video games or bad VHS tape. Big bright and colorful pixels. Sure it was interesting, but I do not think any movie director would like people to watch their movies like this.


So I really could not stand the image for more than 15 minutes. Even if I sat in the last row. So I took some photos and left. I hope next year they will use proper film or digital projector for this event if they decide to do it again.

Thanks anyway Lintsi! Free outdoor movies are always welcome.

More Outdoor Cinema reviews here ››

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Outdoor Movies in Linnanmäki – Helsinki, Finland


Linnanmäki is an amusement park in Helsinki, Finland. They are showing outdoor movies in August and September. Here is their timetable:

23.8. The Wizard of Oz (1939)
30.8. Singin’ in the Rain (1952)
6.9. Hupiklubin valinta (hupiklub chooses the movie later)
13.9. Funny Face (1957)

I will go and see that last movie (Funny Face) they show and report about the experience in this blog. It is nice to notice that outdoor movies are such a rising trend everywhere!

P.S. Kino Kivinokka is also presenting outdoor movie in August 30th. Read more about it in Facebook.

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Moving Cine to Spain…

We will be shipping almost all our movie stuff to Spain next month. Receiever, speakers, Blu-ray players, projector etc. But how to move 400+ Blu-ray movies and tv series? Those movie cases (full of air) alone fill at least two moving boxes. There is no way I will pay to courier company for shipping that amount of plastic and air to other country!

Well this is how I solved the problem: Five CD carry cases! Each case takes 120 discs and one case costs under 10 euros. It is a shame I cannot admire those plastic boxes in shelf any more but at least I don’t feel like an idiot shipping useless plastic around the world…



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Espoo Ciné: Antti Näyhä Interviewed


I interviewed Espoo Ciné technological cordinator Antti Näyhä in August 2013. I asked him some questions regarding Espoo Ciné outdoor movies. Here is the whole discussion in written form. Translation from Finnish to English is done by me so all the misspelling and bad english is to be blamed on me, not Antti 🙂 Continue reading Espoo Ciné: Antti Näyhä Interviewed

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About screen fastening


Few words about screen fastening… I wanted to have one long flexible string going around our screen. I wanted to make screen look more simple and tight. I found right kind of string from Tarjoustalo (Finland). With 10 euros I got 10 meters and it was just enough for our 110 inch screen. Here are some pictures of the best attachment type I could figure out by myself. And it works great. What do you think? Any better ideas? Continue reading About screen fastening

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Jacuzzi Outdoor Movie


Yesterday we tried something totally different. We had a great opportunity to spend a night together in our relative’s house. Just two of us… with sauna, cava, popcorn, jacuzzi / hot tub and of course… outdoor movie! 🙂

We started watching the movie (Donnie Darko) at about 10 pm when it was still a little too bright, but very soon it got dark enough. This was maybe the craziest way we have ever watched a movie but it worked great! This could be a real hit in some fancy holiday resort or what do you think? Continue reading Jacuzzi Outdoor Movie

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Helsinki Festival: Movie Picnic


Earlier I listed all outdoor cinemas we would visit this summer. But it seems we have one more addition to the list. Our home country’s capital, Helsinki has it’s own festival and they will show four outdoor movies in four days (from 17. Aug to 20. Aug). More information:

See you there!

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CiNEOUT goes iNside

Last two weeks we have been building a home theatre to a small cellar room in Finland. It is just way too bright right now to watch movies outside even in the late night. And one month from now it will be totally impossible. Of course, evenings will darken when august and september get closer. But right now, our movie screenings have to go underground. See you later!

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First screening in Finland

Yesterday we had our first private outdoor screening in Finland. We had 10 guests including us and we used our newest setup (107″ screen + full hd projector). The movie we presented was legendary Spinal Tap. Location was equally nostalgic: the frontyard of Rekolan Kino, an old movie theatre that started showing movies in 1950. This is also the same theatre I used to run with my friends in the late 1990′s. Continue reading First screening in Finland

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