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Outdoor Cinemas in Berlin, Germany

We just visited Berlin for four days – and loved it! Many wonderful parks, active culture scene and of course the most important thing – lots of great beer! Everywhere! 🙂

To our surprise, we even found outdoor cinema (Open Air Cinema Hasenheide) inside one of the many parks that we visited. And as usual, we had to give it a try.

Theatre was located in Volkspark Hasenheide and the movie we saw was I Am Not Your Negro. Everything was excellent. Site was atmospheric, screen and image was good and you did not have to sit on the ground as there were seats build to the place.

There was also a bar.. although we brough our own cava wine with us.

We really felt being far away from Finland by just smelling the air (full of weed smoke).

On top of the bar was the projection room.

In conclusion, this was a very nice experience. Only one small thing bothered me: sound / volume was little too low and it was hard to understand the dialog. But we were sitting in the last row and that might have something to do with this minor complaint.

So once again a great outdoor movie experience! Highly recommended!

One more thing: After visiting this event, we found out there are even more outdoor cinemas in Berlin area. So if you have more time to spend there, you can enjoy not just one but many different cinemas under Berlin sky. This text is from Visit Berlin website:

Movies under the spangled sky

Cinema under starry skies is something Berlin delivers well during balmy summer nights. Open-Air Cinemas (called Freiluftkinos in German) are spread across the German capital in parks, old warehouses, and historic courtyards. Grab some popcorn and choose from romantic classics, thrillers, cult films, foreign language pickings, or art house cinema. Open Air Cinema Volkspark Friedrichshain is a Berliner favourite, while Open Air Cinema Kreuzberg presents a fantastic selection of original-version (non-dubbed) films. For cool art house flicks, the Open Air Cinema Hasenheide stands out from the crowd. For an atmospheric experience, head to the open air cinema at Potsdamer Platz, where Berlin’s glittering cityscape acts as backdrop.

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