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First real test

We did it! We had  a screening in Spain! Well, actually this event was not organized by us… We just brought (borrowed) the hardware.  But that was just what we had hoped for. A real test.

What does it take to make this kind of event happen? How long does it take to get everything ready? How to transfer the screen, hook up the sound system and projector? What to do if it starts to rain? How to do outdoor movie screening outside our own backyard?

Well now we know.

IMG_0223 IMG_3799 IMG_0233 IMG_0236


Yes, it was little rainy night and only few people came because of that. But for us this was just the right kind of test. And environment (harbour bar teracce) was really interesting. Movie was also about sailing. Very nice consept. Maybe next event will be our own…

P.S. Thanks to Pep for making all this possible!

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Last backyard screening in 2013

We just had our last movie screening in our backyard this year in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We made some snacks for our quests and of course used our brand new popcorn machine! The movie we watched was one of my all time favorites – Office Space.

Great movie, great food, great beer & wine, great company… What else could you ask for? Thanks again everybody!





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Jacuzzi Outdoor Movie


Yesterday we tried something totally different. We had a great opportunity to spend a night together in our relative’s house. Just two of us… with sauna, cava, popcorn, jacuzzi / hot tub and of course… outdoor movie! 🙂

We started watching the movie (Donnie Darko) at about 10 pm when it was still a little too bright, but very soon it got dark enough. This was maybe the craziest way we have ever watched a movie but it worked great! This could be a real hit in some fancy holiday resort or what do you think? Continue reading Jacuzzi Outdoor Movie

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First screening in Finland

Yesterday we had our first private outdoor screening in Finland. We had 10 guests including us and we used our newest setup (107″ screen + full hd projector). The movie we presented was legendary Spinal Tap. Location was equally nostalgic: the frontyard of Rekolan Kino, an old movie theatre that started showing movies in 1950. This is also the same theatre I used to run with my friends in the late 1990′s. Continue reading First screening in Finland

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Next setup (in Finland)

In the beginning of May, we will build a new portable outdoor cinema in Finland. It will include:

– BenQ W1070 projector
– Self standing 107″ sceen (16:9)
– JVC Boomblaster + Creative Inspire 2.1 2400 sound systems

Our first private screening will happen 11th of May. I will blog more about this project later.

P.S. Yesterday we had a private screening at our backyard again. This time we watched the movie “Life of Pi“. It turned out to be perfect outdoor movie. I almost felt seasick myself… HD version highly recommended!

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Our first backyard screen

To enjoy a outdoor movie or gaming, you don’t necessarily need a custom made screen or other top end home theater gadgets. You can also use normal data projector and a tripod projection screen.

In this example (photos below) we used 170 cm wide tripod screen that equals about 76″ picture in 16:9 mode. The projector was BenQ MW516 with resolution of 1280 x 800. Sound was delivered through Nokia Play 360° speaker that was more than capable of delivering enough sound to our backyard.

We played some Super Mario Bros U with our daughter and after she went to sleep, we jumped to hammocks and watched a movie 🙂


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