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No longer in Spain

Just a short update: We are no longer in Spain. We might go back there some day but we are not sure about it. We have to see what happens next in our other businesses. Then we decide what to do with Cineout. Life really is an adventure! 🙂

Meanwhile, let’s see some good movies!

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Co-operation with Lunki

Cineout is now in co-operation with Lunki in Finnish means “relaxed”. In late 90’s I co-founded a non profit organization called Rento which also means “relaxed” and it too organized movie events. So you might find some synchronicity here…

Lunki will hopefully help us finally organize and start public screenings.

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Transsegre Catalonia, anybody?

We are looking for people in Spain that have connections to annual Transsegre river happening and its organization. In Finland there is a same kind of tradition called Beerfloating (Kaljakellunta in Finnish). Our goal is to participate in a project that includes documenting both of these outdoor happenings in 2015. So please, if you have any connections to Transsegre, please contact us:

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Moving Cine to Spain…

We will be shipping almost all our movie stuff to Spain next month. Receiever, speakers, Blu-ray players, projector etc. But how to move 400+ Blu-ray movies and tv series? Those movie cases (full of air) alone fill at least two moving boxes. There is no way I will pay to courier company for shipping that amount of plastic and air to other country!

Well this is how I solved the problem: Five CD carry cases! Each case takes 120 discs and one case costs under 10 euros. It is a shame I cannot admire those plastic boxes in shelf any more but at least I don’t feel like an idiot shipping useless plastic around the world…



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Donated screen for children’s movies


Before leaving Thailand we donated our smaller backyard screen (170 cm wide tripod model) to a Magical Light Foundation. They need it for showing movies for children in Chiang Mai. Their previous screen was not so fancy. Here is a picture of foundation’s Facebook page:


Foundation also runs a small cafe (Magical Garden Cafe) near Chiang Mai airport. That’s where we met the foundation’s wonderful personnel.


We hope this small donation helps to make better movie experiences possible for many kids. Thank you and good luck Magic Light Foundation! And thanks to Leslie too for giving us an idea of this donation!

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Nonprofit organization

In English:

CiNEOUT shall not be only a blog much longer. We are planing to found a nonprofit organization for our new hobby. Outdoor movies have been so much fun we want to share it with everybody else too.

But public events are not nearly as easy to arrange as private movie nights. You have to have permissions, licenses and all that crap. So… Only way to move forward is to get organized. More info coming soon…


CiNEOUT ei enää kovin kauaa tule olemaan pelkkä blogi. Aiomme lähiaikoina perustaa voittoa tavoittelemattoman yhdistyksen tämän uuden harrastuksemme tiimoilta. Ulkoilmaelokuvat ovat olleet niin hauskoja, että haluamme jakaa kokemuksen mahdollisimman monien muidenkin kanssa.

Mutta yleisötilaisuudet ei ole läheskään niin helppoja järjestää kuin yksityistilaisuudet. Pitää olla lupia ja elokuvan esitysoikeuksia yms. Niinpä ainoa tapa edetä asiassa on organisoitua jotenkin. Lisätietoja tulossa pian…

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Legal questions

Our screenings so far have been normal (private) home theater entertainment. Our final goal however is to arrange some public movie happenings. We might even start a non-profit association for this operation.

But… what about the law? Copyright laws are strict and legal sanctions can be heavy. Therefore it is very important to do this the right way. After all, we don’t want to end up in jail for enjoying art. And certainly we don’t want to steal money from those poor artists… like 007 last night 🙂

I found some information about Public Performance Law on this page:

But our home country, Finland has it’s own rules:

So should we buy this license from M&M Viihdepalvelu if we want to show movies in Finland? What about Spain and Thailand? How does it work there? And can we sell popcorn and drinks without braking any food or business laws? Or should we just listen to Tyler Durden?

"FBI Warning from the movie Fight Club"

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