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Moving Cine to Spain…

We will be shipping almost all our movie stuff to Spain next month. Receiever, speakers, Blu-ray players, projector etc. But how to move 400+ Blu-ray movies and tv series? Those movie cases (full of air) alone fill at least two moving boxes. There is no way I will pay to courier company for shipping that amount of plastic and air to other country!

Well this is how I solved the problem: Five CD carry cases! Each case takes 120 discs and one case costs under 10 euros. It is a shame I cannot admire those plastic boxes in shelf any more but at least I don’t feel like an idiot shipping useless plastic around the world…



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Our Blu-ray catalogue

Today we made an inventory and listed all our original blu-ray discs. We made the list right into the IMDB database so it is easy for anybody to check. We will also update this list regulary. At this moment the number of movies is 183. Feel free to check our listing:

P.S. TV-series are a bit hard to list. For example, we have seasons 3-6 of Lost and seasons 1-2 of Twilight Zone, but in the listing, you just see the name of the series.

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