First real test

We did it! We had  a screening in Spain! Well, actually this event was not organized by us… We just brought (borrowed) the hardware.  But that was just what we had hoped for. A real test.

What does it take to make this kind of event happen? How long does it take to get everything ready? How to transfer the screen, hook up the sound system and projector? What to do if it starts to rain? How to do outdoor movie screening outside our own backyard?

Well now we know.

IMG_0223 IMG_3799 IMG_0233 IMG_0236


Yes, it was little rainy night and only few people came because of that. But for us this was just the right kind of test. And environment (harbour bar teracce) was really interesting. Movie was also about sailing. Very nice consept. Maybe next event will be our own…

P.S. Thanks to Pep for making all this possible!

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