Sala Montjuïc

Sala Montjuïc is a huge outdoor cinema in Barcelona, Spain. It is located at the Montjuïc hill, right next to Montjuïc Castle. We went there yesterday.



The movie (Take Shelter) started at 22.15 but we arrived at 20:30 right when the gates opened. There was a warmup jazz band and one short movie before the main feature. We had not bought tickets in advance but it was no problem since the long ticket line moved really fast.


Ticket price was 6 euros and a chair rent was 3 euros. If you buy ticket in advance from website you can have a picnic -set for 13,50 euros. It includes the ticket + food and drink. Those who came too late were left without a chair since there was not enough of them for everybody. If you want, you can bring your own food, drinks and picnic chairs / blankets with you.


The castle yard where movies are shown is huge but still it became almost full of people – hundreds of people!



There was food and drink -kiosks and good set of toilets too. Official sponsor was Estrella.



We were sitting quite near the screen but it was so huge that even the audience in the back row were able to enjoy the film quite well. Audio quality was also surprisingly good. It would be interesting to learn more about the technology (like projector, optics, sound system etc) as everything worked so well.


About transportation: You can get to the mountain by walking, by metro (from Paral-lel station), by cable car or by bus. We came by metro and walked the rest of the hill. When movie ended, the only transportation still working was bus. We walked all the way down.

In conclusion we can say that this was easily the best outdoor movie experience we have ever had. The castle walls may have something to do with lifting the whole experience so high. We strongly recommend this cinema to all Barcelona visitors!

Small details:

– Web page was not designed to work with Apple Safari -browser, at least buy ticket -section did not work with it (Chrome worked fine)
– All films are in their original version with Spanish subtitles
– All around the Barcelona you find people smoking cannabis and this place was no exception… although these goods were not served in official kiosk 🙂
– There are only two small stairways that all the people use to exit the area when show ends. Note this if you are in a hurry

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