Katuse Kino


Yesterday we visited Katuse Kino Rooftop Cinema in Tallinn, Estonia. This outdoor cinema is located on the Viru Center at 4th floor roof terrace. 

We went there about 1,5 hours before screening to buy tickets and at time the inflatable screen frame was still down on the ground.


When we came back for movie, screen was standing and everything was set.


Sound system was based on wireless headphones and it worked surprisingly well. With headphones you can concentrate on the movie even if someone next to you is talking.


Projectors were at the back area of terrace. There was a digital projector mounted on the truss and film projector inside a container.


This movie (Mood Indigo) was in french and with only Estonian and Russian subtitles so we did not understand much of it. Most of the movies in this cinema are in english, but this was the only show that fit our time table.

There were different seats to choose from. Normal chair was 5 euros and it was really good. Seat on a sheltered terrace with patio heater would have costed 7 euros, but that would make you watch movie from side. And since it was clear night, we were enjoying normal “director’s seats” just fine.




On the back there was a Carlsberg branded beanbag area that you could also use with normal 5 ear ticket price.


For many the very best thing about this cinema is of course the restaurant & bar! It was reasonable priced and served several foods and drinks.


All in all we had a great outdoor movie night again. Sala Montjuïc in Barcelona, Movie Picnic in Helsinki and Katuse Kino in Tallinn have all been great experiences from which we have learned many things. All highly recommended!


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