KinoKivinokka: Beach, Picnic, Movie!


There is a very nice place called Kivinokka in Helsinki. You can read about it in English here. Wikipedia article and city’s web page are in Finnish only. 

So yesterday there was a free outdoor movie screening on the Kivinokka beach (see Facebook event). It was part of whole evening happening that tries to activate discussion about the future of Kivinokka. Before the movie there was a speech by Paavo Arhinmäki, a Finnish politician and the incumbent Minister for Culture and Sport. The point of the speech (and whole happening) was that Kivinokka should be preserved as a recreational area. There is a web petition that you can sign if you agree.


But now, let’s talk about the movie and the setup… The main feature was Leijonasydän. It premieres officially next month. So this was the very first public screening. I had to leave before the movie ended so I cannot give final opinion about this flick yet. And the reason for me being there was not to enjoy movie but to check how the whole concept of beach movies in Finland would work. And in short – it did.


The screen was quite big and served this beach and audience well. Digital projector (Panasonic PT-DW5100) had barely enough brightness (5500 ANSI) for projecting big image after sunset. Of course, it was nothing like film projector, 4K or even Full HD, but worked quite well anyway. Sound system was OK too.



I heard that this was very first time they arranged this happening but they are planing to repeat it next year. They had some sponsors so they could cover all the costs. Considering the whole thing was carried out by voluntary workers I would say it was very successful event.

Thank you Kivinokka! Let’s hope this nice place stays as recreational area and will not be ruined by construction companies.



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