Kesäkino (Kino Engel)


Yesterday we visited the only permanent/annual outdoor cinema in Helsinki: Kino Engel’s Kesäkino (SummerKino in English). It is located in the center of Helsinki opposite to Helsinki Cathedral. The movie we went to see was The Snows of Kilimanjaro.


The outdoor movie area is located on the backyard of the building and it has 60 seats. It is partly covered and it has gas heaters. There are also blankets you can borrow. This time the evening was warm though and I was sitting next to gas heater wearing only t-shirt.


35mm film projector is located inside the building behind the window.


Screen on this theatre is “roll up” type.


The ticket price was quite high (12,5 euros). We also bought one glass of red wine (12cl) and it was 7 euros. The cafe closed it’s doors at the same time the movie started. That’s maybe a good thing since seats were so close together it would be annoying if people moved all the time.

engel4Maybe high prices are justified by small amount of customers, the unique experience or just high taxes and other expenses in Finland, I really don’t know. And as I said, there are no competing outdoor cinemas in Helsinki. Kino Engel and it’s Kesäkino are owned by Cinema Mondo that is an independent film import and distribution company. The movies they deal with are usually not the typical Hollywood crap.

So we do recommend this cinema if you want to experience something different from multiplexes. But do not expect action movies, latest multichannel audio systems or even popcorn. Here, it’s all about the content.

So we had a great movie night again. But we couldn’t afford to go there every week.


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