Donated screen for children’s movies


Before leaving Thailand we donated our smaller backyard screen (170 cm wide tripod model) to a Magical Light Foundation. They need it for showing movies for children in Chiang Mai. Their previous screen was not so fancy. Here is a picture of foundation’s Facebook page:


Foundation also runs a small cafe (Magical Garden Cafe) near Chiang Mai airport. That’s where we met the foundation’s wonderful personnel.


We hope this small donation helps to make better movie experiences possible for many kids. Thank you and good luck Magic Light Foundation! And thanks to Leslie too for giving us an idea of this donation!

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Leaving Thailand…

News from Thailand: Yesterday I sold our popcorn machine and today I sold our backyard screen. This does not mean we are quitting outdoor movie hobby. We are just going back to Finland and we don’t know when we might be coming back to Thailand. I feel a bit sad to let go of all these items. But then again, we need every penny to start something new in… Spain maybe? Maybe even public screenings? Who knows. Stay tuned 🙂

Thank you Thailand! Thank you Chiang Mai! You were very good to us! Below is last picture from our backyard. We had a small May 1st party (Vappu) and private children’s movie screening yesterday.


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Beach Cinema in Koh Phangan closed


Some time ago I went to Charm Beach Resort in Koh Phangan and asked about their “Beach Cinema” event. They told me that they only had this event about 4 or 5 times before they had to bury the whole idea. They said that event was missing a “financial benefit”.

This makes me think what could have been done differently to make the event last…

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New AV receiver: Yamaha RX-A820

I just ordered a new AV-reciever for our indoor/outdoor cinema in Finland (from NetAnttila sale). The model is Yamaha RX-A820. It has 8 HDMI in and 2 HDMI out connectors that are very useful for our current use. It even has 4K pass-through for our possible future needs. It also has analog audio pre outs so we can easily setup movie sound system with both passive and active speakers. I will report in more detail after testing this beast…


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Last backyard screening in 2013

We just had our last movie screening in our backyard this year in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We made some snacks for our quests and of course used our brand new popcorn machine! The movie we watched was one of my all time favorites – Office Space.

Great movie, great food, great beer & wine, great company… What else could you ask for? Thanks again everybody!





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Espoo Ciné: Antti Näyhä Interviewed


I interviewed Espoo Ciné technological cordinator Antti Näyhä in August 2013. I asked him some questions regarding Espoo Ciné outdoor movies. Here is the whole discussion in written form. Translation from Finnish to English is done by me so all the misspelling and bad english is to be blamed on me, not Antti 🙂 Continue reading Espoo Ciné: Antti Näyhä Interviewed

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New sound system: Sony RDH-GTK17iP


Now we have five different sound systems for backyard cinema use. The latest addition is Sony RDH-GTK17iP. We bought it for our backyard cinema set in Thailand. This Sony seems to be working quite well. It is by no means hi-fi, but it is loud enough and very easy to setup for random movie watching. It has Bluetooth, NFC and RCA line in connections. Good for private use and small parties. We have also tried combination of this Sony boomblaster and two Nokia Play 360 speakers. That way we were able to widen the stereo effect easily. Maybe some day we can afford to invest in a real proffessional sound setup. Until then, this has to do the job for us. More about our hardware on this page.

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About aspect ratios


Earlier I was planing to build a screen masking system so I could easily change the aspect ratio of visible screen. Later I decided not to make one because in the dark you really don’t pay any attention to the screen borders. Too much trouble for so small advantage… at least for portable type of screen.

But aspect ratios and film types are very interesting topic nonetheless. It is really irritating when movies are presented with wrong aspect ratio. But why are there so many different ratios? The video below explains it quite well:

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About screen fastening


Few words about screen fastening… I wanted to have one long flexible string going around our screen. I wanted to make screen look more simple and tight. I found right kind of string from Tarjoustalo (Finland). With 10 euros I got 10 meters and it was just enough for our 110 inch screen. Here are some pictures of the best attachment type I could figure out by myself. And it works great. What do you think? Any better ideas? Continue reading About screen fastening

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Hot Tub Cinema in London


It seems we were not the only ones who got the idea of watching film in hot tub. My friend send me a link to this page:

This would be very interesting to review, but unfortunately we are not traveling to London any time soon. But if anybody else is going please tell us how you liked it. This rooftop cinema is open from June to September.


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