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KinoKivinokka 2017 (August 19th)

KinoKivinokka 2016 was bit of a dissapointment for us because the beach was too full of people and we could not even find a decent place to sit. So it will be very interesting to see how everything goes this year. Maybe I will come with my own rubber boat (from Kaljakellunta 2017)… 🙂

More about 2017 happening in Facebook: KinoKivinokka 2017 -elokuvia uimarannalla

See also our post about the first (2013) KinoKivinokka happening and an interview of the people behind that event.

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Cinema Lliure a la platja (Barcelona)



Yesterday we visited this free outdoor cinema on the Barcelona beach. It was this summer’s last screening. Just before main feature, they showed Finnish short movie, Fasisti. It was very strange to watch movie on Barcelona beach with our own language! And what a coincidence!

Actually we did not even stay to see main movie because it had no subtitles and we were there just to see how this kind of beach movie consept would work. And again… it worked very well.

When we arrived, they were just setting the screen up.


They used heavy sandbags to keep screen in place even if it would get windy.


Screen was inflatable and as soon as the air went in, the screen came up.


And we think it was great. Something similar to what Katusekino uses.


Digital projector was huge. I did not get to see the brand or model. I noticed the tech guys had to change lamps to projector just when movie was supposed to start. Those things are not cheap I quess…


Another technician with informative t-shirt 🙂


Then the sunset came and movie was ready to begin…


Only problem seemed to be bright streetlights that caused annoying glow to the screen. Other than that everything was ok. This was of course not as great as Sala MontjuĂŻc but still more than good enough for free movie on the beach. There was no bar but in Barcelona, you can buy anything from the many “beach shops”. And many people had their own cava bottles and other picnic stuff with them.


Organizing team was very relaxed. They did their job, drank some beer while doing it and seemed to have fun just as the audience. There were no peace officers or anything. This always amazes us Finns 🙂


More information about Cinema Lliure a la platja:

Web page: http://www.cinemalliure.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cinemalliure

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Beach Cinema in Koh Phangan closed


Some time ago I went to Charm Beach Resort in Koh Phangan and asked about their “Beach Cinema” event. They told me that they only had this event about 4 or 5 times before they had to bury the whole idea. They said that event was missing a “financial benefit”.

This makes me think what could have been done differently to make the event last…

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