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Hot Tub Cinema in London


It seems we were not the only ones who got the idea of watching film in hot tub. My friend send me a link to this page:

This would be very interesting to review, but unfortunately we are not traveling to London any time soon. But if anybody else is going please tell us how you liked it. This rooftop cinema is open from June to September.


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Jacuzzi Outdoor Movie


Yesterday we tried something totally different. We had a great opportunity to spend a night together in our relative’s house. Just two of us… with sauna, cava, popcorn, jacuzzi / hot tub and of course… outdoor movie! 🙂

We started watching the movie (Donnie Darko) at about 10 pm when it was still a little too bright, but very soon it got dark enough. This was maybe the craziest way we have ever watched a movie but it worked great! This could be a real hit in some fancy holiday resort or what do you think? Continue reading Jacuzzi Outdoor Movie

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